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The Course Creator's Copywriter

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I m Ilysse Rimalovski and I was made for you

Templates, tutorials, tools and tech may get you

across the finish line, or so close to it...

...but maybe

you need a little more support

when it comes to

copywriting and content creation.

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· ChatGPT is your favorite sparring partner, still you need more help to create an authentic brand voice that speaks your customers’ language and converts leads into sales.

· You did it! Your digital course, nurture sequence, sales page, lead magnet, and/or other assets are ready for the "FINAL-EYES IT" audit before launching.

· You crave a creative teammate with brainstorming superpowers who gets you and your vision.

· Overwhelm and second-guessing have taken your course off course

and it's time to focus and level up.

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i'm a trusted blend of skills and subjects

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Copywriter - Editor - Content Developer - Information Designer - Certified Coach

with deep subject matter expertise in:

· food/cooking

· wellbeing

· retreats

· entertaining

· interior design

· nature

· caregiving

· aging

· luxury lifestyle

· motherhood

· lifelong learning

· and much more

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Ilysse's work exceeded all my expectations. At first, I thought I had done everything perfectly, but after seeing her revision, I was blown away. Ilysse has a remarkable talent for transforming copy into something truly exceptional. Her calm and caring demeanor made the entire process a pleasure, and I was impressed by her wealth of knowledge and experience across various fields. I would highly recommend Ilysse to anyone looking for top-notch copywriting services.

Tracy Petreman, CCP, Certified Life & Leadership Coach

Ilysse is like a new-age Martha Stewart with brilliant writing skills.

She infuses creativity, style, and sophistication into everything she


Angela Gonzalez, Dial-a-Dessert

Working with Ilysse has been a game-changer. She not only helped me

revitalize my course but gave me the confidence to pursue my dream.

I can't recommend her enough to anyone who needs a talented,

reliable rockstar copywriter.

Trish Raap, Simplify with You

Ilysse is a nurturing, wise soul with amazing attention to detail. Her keen ability to catch typos, write creatively, and improve visual aesthetics helped me feel more confident about launching my services while holding

me accountable to stay on track.

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Adriana Lewin, The Resilience Expert

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How We Can Work Together

· Book a free 15-minute consultation to see how well we fit.

· Schedule a FINAL-EYES IT Audit for a thorough review and revision of your content pre-publication.

· Hire me hourly to brainstorm, co-create, write and coach as needed.

· Go VIP and book me for a full day of copywriting, editing, coaching, creative inspiration and strategizing to get your work done ASAP!

Check out my credentials on LinkedIn.

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We'll be high-fiving your success before you know it.

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OR choose to struggle alone feature unoriginal content typo text and remain your best kept secret
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I will not at any time, either directly or indirectly, voluntarily disclose any of my clients' personal or business information to a third party, without prior written consent of my clients.

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